Get Back On Track
With Your Vision And Purpose

Christine Wendl

Leadership Consultant – Reinvention Strategist – Logotherapist

As seen speaking at Global Woman Frankfurt October 2018


Live Speaking Events

Christine is an inspirational speaker who loves to motivate and empower her audiences to go all in for a mission and vision beyond themselves in life. Her greatest passion is to elevate her audiences to embrace their authentic life journeys as part of creating the unique service and impact only they can bring to the world.

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Mega Success: Los Angeles

Los Angeles

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Independent Women Summit

Antwerp, Belgium


Finding meaning and opportunity in all circumstances is fundamental to experience success and fulfillment in life and business. Christine's faith-based approach to coaching and consulting for personal development, leadership and reinvention will get you back on track to true success.

"I believe we are all winners. My mission is to help people rise above their circumstances and get back on track with their vision and purpose for life and business. I firmly believe that true success is becoming who you were created to be. What happens to us in life is not nearly as important as the decisions we make. Today’s world, like never before, is asking us to be leaders in whatever we do -- to embrace our authentic journeys as part of the unique service only we can bring to a world hungry for authenticity, impact, and significance. Above all, I love God and strive to be the best version of myself in serving the people around me.”

-Christine Wendl